2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Author Spotlight (1) Top 5 Favorites - #5

Author Spotlight. What exactly is it? This is where I bring up an author in my post. Talk about the author, share some knowledge on them. I may have read their work, have heard about it, never heard of them. Whoever they are I'll be talking about an author. And to start off, the first five weeks I'll be sharing my Top 5 favorite authors.

And I'll be starting with number 5.

Cinda Williams Chima! Her famous writing career started off in 2006 when her first novel in The Warrior Heir was published. And from then on it's been what she would say amazing. She currently has 4 books published and a 5th being published in September I believe.

What do I think of her? She is an AMAZING writer. I love her novels from what I have read so far. I love the way she writes, you can tell it's her when read a book. I love the way she plays out her events and the characters, everything is just so rich and full. The way I'm talking about her probably makes it seem that she should be higher than 5th but who knows? Maybe when her other novels come out she'll move up.

But going back to her novels, I first started with her when a friend of mine (Hey Brian!) came back from Barnes and Noble talking about how he had a new book, The Wizard Heir. And I think he also said that he bought it because the cover looked cool, ("Never judge a book by its cover" but I'll make a different post about this by the way). He told me the title, I saw the cover and was immediately interested. I did some research and found out that there were other books and I right away wanted to buy them. So around my birthday I finally did!

I started with The Warrior Heir and just read through it and loved the whole story. I remember staying up late at night with my book-light and just reading. I finished it and was grateful that I bought the whole Trilogy at once. I started off with The Wizard Heir and started getting a feeling that I did when reading Harry Potter. (I'll talk about this feeling in another post). I thought to myself, "For another author to do this, she has to be my favorite!" After I finished it, I started with The Dragon Heir and from then on I was in love with her.

I recently bought her other work The Demon King but still haven't read it even though The Exiled Queen is right around the corner.

Now fantastic news is, The Heir Trilogy and Seven Realms Trilogy recently got upgraded to series. As she was writing the third novel to Seven Realms Trilogy, she was fearing that she couldn't fit everything in it. So she talked to her publisher and he gave her a three book deal! Three more books by Cinda Williams Chima?! YAY! But WAIT!

Seven Realms Trilogy will turn into, you can say a Saga with a fourth novel. And The Heir Trilogy will turn into The Heir Series with 2 more novels currently titled, The Sorceress Heir and The Enchantress Heir. I am mostly excited for the new Heir novels only because I haven't read the other. But when I do, I'll be anxious for the new ones as well.

So, all in all, I really have to thank my friend Brian for introducing me to the author. And I know I have much more to say, but I can't think of it right now. But, it is my job to tell you guys to buy her novels.

Oh yea, before I forget, Cinda Williams Chima said that we could expect the new four novels, including the newly contracted three, to be released in the next few years. She also said that she plans to write/publish one book per year. And that she will publish Seven Realms first. If all goes to plan, the schedule could be.

Seven Realms 3 (2011)
Seven Realms 4 (2012)
Heir 4 (2013)
Heir 5 (2014)

That means that we can enjoy Chima's work until 2014. Well, that is until she gets more books and we can love her all over again!

Oh and to Cinda Williams Chima, I know there's a very, very low chance of you reading this, but in case you do;

I want to congratulate you and hope you keep writing for as long as you can. You are inspiration and just a wonderful person all-in-all. May your muse never quit on you!

Update: Her website is here. http://www.cindachima.com/


Ky said...

Lolz. I hope to be reading Cinda's books for MANY years to come. I don't think I'll ever stop loving them. XD

Natalie said...

I have never heard of these... I am so glad you did a spotlight. I am putting them on my TBR shelf.

Jess said...

I love Cinda and her books. She is also one of my top favorites.

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