2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guess That Novel (3)

Starting off with last week's quote;

"Where's your family?"
"My parents took the twins to a birthday party in Port Angeles. I can't believe you're really going to help me with this. Ben's pretending he has tendonitis." She mad a face.

So the task was the guess that novel, which two people got it right and one actually giving out who said it.

Andrea from Loud Words & Sounds was the first to guess that the novel was Eclipse!

Yet SpunkiiReader took it a step further by guessing that the person who said it was Angela.

Both were correct and although SpunkiiReader doesn't have a blog she's still mentioned. But congratulations you two and good try to the others!

Now for this weeks let's do this! This one will be a bit easier, or so I hope. I'm trying to get one where everyone knows the answer so that I can see who answers first. And remember even if someone has answered and you know they're right, still answer. It's fun =D

Frizz cleared his throat. "This probably isn't the best time to worry about face ranks, Hiro."
"This isn't about face ranks, you bubblehead!"
"Technically speaking, I'm not a bubblehead, Frizz said calmly.

So like I said, this one should be a bit easy and all you have to do is leave a comment with the answer to which novel is this. We'll see who gets the right answer next week.


Ky said...

Extras(OMG this is so unfair I haven't read these in FOREVER!) I am right, right?

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Hmm are you right? You tell me lol

Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

Extras. Ky, you always beat me.

Ky said...

It's because I stalk Mike's blog. :P That and I have no life. XD

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

For a minute there I thought you called me Mikey. I was about to say "Hello Childhood" lol

Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

Oh I don't believe that Ky. His blog is pretty stalker-worthy, I'd have to say. I find myself pulling it up at least once per day to see what clever thing he's saying.

Ky said...

Omg you are now dubbed Mikey. Ah wait a minute... no. That makes me think of my friends dog, and even though he is like super adorable then I think of Marvel and the little hyperactive terror that she is and ah! No you shall remain Mike. Lolz.

Blueicegal ♥ said...

lol i believe i used to call him Mikey boy lmfaoooo

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Oh dear with the Mikey O.O

Oh btw, Winner might be revealed a little later. Like the day I get my laptop. Since the picture up top is on it lol. Ugh crap I hate not having my laptop. My life is on it =(

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