2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm running out of titles

So today is Sunday! Happy Fathers Day to all you Fathers out there!

I was going to do an In My Mailbox but um, yea the lack of laptop isn't working out. =D
So I'll do it when I get it.

So anyway, tomorrow will be the day that decides if I ever come online again. Portugal is playing its second game, and then they'll play Brazil on Friday. I might cry if they lose. Actually I will cry. It'll be depressing.

I might commit like internet prevention. Actually no lol. I'll come on for sure. Just be sad and my posts will show my tears of pain.

Yes. World Cup Soccer is that serious. Portugal has to make it out of the first rounds at least!

So to anyone out there following the World Cup, not to be mistaken for the Quidditch World Cup, and you are all rooting for your own team, I'm sorry but, YOU'RE GOING DOWN! xD

I love a friendly rivalry...

Anyway, yea I'll be posting up little notes like this but nothing official. I'll post something up about Portugal tomorrow too. Tell you all how I feel and stuff.

VIVA PORTUGAL!!!!!! Haha I had to. Sorry.

-runs away now flailing arms like a muppet- (haha Maureen Johnson refrence)


Ky said...

I do not understand people's obsession with soccer. I just don't. I can't even watch the freakin sport and stay interested. Football is more interesting than soccer. And that is very sad to say the least. Give me baseball or basketball any day. :P

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