2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, June 3, 2010


First off, you must all be wondering why the title up top is all in caps. There's a reason, don't worry I'm not a spammer. There are two, I believe, types out there. The original, I Love You, Beth Cooper which is the original novel. And then there's this one, I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER. It has the original, mixed in with scenes from the movie, and scenes intended for the movie but never added. So it's the best one out there in other words.

By the way, if you haven't seen the movie, please do right now. It's hilarious and just epic!

Author: Larry Doyle
Pages: 267
Rating: E for Exceeds Expectations
Review: I’m not really a jock. Actually, it’s more like I do no sports at all. Except running. Only away from psycho boyfriends of hot girls, but that only comes later. I’m more or less a geek. Still, pretty much a nobody.

But, it’s my High School graduation and that won’t matter because I’ll be going to College and won’t see any of these people again until our High School reunion. Right?

About that, one little problem. I kind of messed up. You see there’s this hot girl who is head cheerleader in my class called Beth Cooper, and as I was giving my speech because I’m valedictorian for my class, of course, I kind of blurted out a word or two. In front of every student and their families. Something along the lines of,

“I love you, Beth Cooper.”

That’s exactly what happened to Denis Cooverman in this hilarious novel. Poor little Denis. After that one, teeny tiny sentence, his whole life turned upside-down. Not only does he get to hang out with the hottest girl of his class and her two friends, but he’s doing things he’s never done before. Drinking, driving, going to parties, and running away from Beth’s military boyfriend who wants to kill him. Literally.

And! This is all during what his parents think is a small get together at their house. (They are off doing something we shall not want to know in a car in the middle of the road that Denis, Beth and their friends hit in the middle of their adventure.) What a mouthful, but it completely makes him a badass.

For those of you who think this novel is just another teen hormonal adventure, you’re completely right. This is exactly what teens today feel like. And it’s not about the hot people. It’s about us geeks out there who are basically in love with the most beautiful girl and how we would do anything to get with them.

The best part of this novel, is that it shows that geeks have a chance. That you don’t have to be good looking to find love. That a persons mind will change as they see brains over beauty. I pretty much felt like I was in Denis’ shoes half the time. Mind you I don’t have any problems with the ladies, but I do feel like I could be better at times. And when I finished this it actually made me feel like I was much better than what I made myself be.

Though it’s from a guys point of view, even girls can relate to this. It digs deep into the world of popularity from a nobody’s eyes. It makes the beauties and the brains look at one another for the first time. Like putting them in the same room. It makes us all think what would happen if we were on the other side. And the ending of this novel makes us really see what is right and what is wrong.

Denis Cooverman has started a revolution that will always keep thriving. Kudos, my geeky friend. You shall always be a badass, popular kid to me.

Now I hope you guys enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed writing it out of boredom. But check out both the novel and the movie. It is beyond epic. Oh and here's an idea, I'm thinking about doing a Potter Week or even Potter Month in July, my birth month. Something like putting up a review per day for a week on the seven books. And then the other three side-novels and then introduce you guys to this epic fanfiction and stuff. I might do it.

Anyway, give me your thoughts on the novel (and the movie) if you have read (seen) it.


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