2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Author Spotlight (2) Top 5 Favorites - #4

This week I'll be continuing with my Top 5 Favorite Authors, and from what I posted last week, so far they are;

  1. ----
  2. ----
  3. ----
  4. ----
  5. Cinda Williams Chima

Scott Westerfeld is a southern man at heart, being born in Texas. He started writing Science Fiction for Adults with 1997 being his first published year. He also worked as a ghost writer during 1997-2003 writing five Goosebumps, three Power Puff Girls, and one legal thriller of which he says he can't talk about. In 2004, he turned over to Young Adult (lucky us!) and has produced over 10 novels to date.

Now the only novels I have read by Scott Westerfeld were Uglies Trilogy +1 and a Guide. That's what I like to call them. I know again how can he be my favorite author if I haven't read most of his work? Well because I'm so cool that I can do that! Haha, I'm just kidding.

I have his other novels on my list of books to buy which is over 300 books. But that's not the point.

I don't remember exactly when I read Uglies Trilogy +1. I do know that I bought the Trilogy box set and alongwith Extras in hardcover.

I do know that I was in Highschool and it must've been around my Freshman to Sophmore year. Somewhere around there. So I read them and I was in love with the whole thing. It was my first dystopian novel that I had ever read and I didn't even know it until a year or so ago. The whole idea of having operations to change who you are was really fascinating me. And how in Extras people were getting like ruby eyes and clocks in their eyes and extra arms and legs and different color skin and manga eyes. All crazy.

But I seriously want to read his other work. Peeps and Leviathan. It all seems epic! He's just one of those authors who is beyond epic just because. And his wife's work, Justine Larbalestier, also seems fantastic so check her out.

So if you haven't heard of Scott Westerfeld, please go read his work now! If not then we have a problem.

Here's a list of his works with links to his novels on barnesandnoble.com where you can buy them.

Stand-Alone Books
So I just noticed that I first read Uglies Trilogy +1 my Sophmore year. =D
Woot for remembering!

So yea check out his work! Or else! But really, please do.

Update: Here's his website. http://scottwesterfeld.com/blog/


Ky said...

OMG! YOU HAVE TO READ PEEPS! HAVE TO! OMG! I WILL SEND YOU MY COPY IF I HAVE TO! You just have to read it! AH! Absolutely utterly fantastic! Leviathon is kick ass as well. And the midnighters books. Okay so I own practically all of Scott's YA novels... hehe... he... he. I'm not strange!

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