2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Books I Want + Schedule

You know what I love? When you have a paperback book and in the last few pages are recommended novels. It's so epic!

But anyway, I was looking at the novels by Maria V. Snyder since I won Inside Out. And I remember that I wanted to read Study Trilogy. Which is
Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study. But the covers didn't match and I'm really OCD about books. But I just went on barnesandnoble.com and saw that they had matching covers so guess what books I want to buy!

I also saw her Glass Trilogy and the cover for the last novel which is
Spy Glass is released. The novel is being released September 2010. Or September 1st according to Barnesandnoble.com You can find the cover on the side of Upcoming Novels.

But they just seem epic and Maria V. Snyder seems like a very interesting author so I want her books.

So I was looking in the back and saw these two books. The first is called
My Soul To Take and it's about this girl who has to scream when someone dies. Like literally she screams. And I'm like oh that sounds like a Banshee. And then the second novel which is My Soul To Save in the synopsis says that she is one and I was all like "OMG COOL A NOVEL ABOUT A BANSHEE I WANT IT!" So, I'm adding them to my list also haha. And there's also the third novel which is My Soul To Keep which also seems interesting.

Another novel that is in the back is
The Iron King which Ky over at Can't Find A Bookmar (check blog on the side) has read and put up a review about (check it out). I've been wanting it but have so many books to read. But I know that the second one which is called The Iron Daughter. It will be released August 01, 2010. I don't know if there will be future books since I have not been researching the author/novels yet. So if you know if there will or won't please say in the comments =D

Update: I have checked and there is a third novel called
The Iron Queen set to be released on February 2011. So that's epic. Also there's a free novella that takes place between The Iron King and The Iron Daughter. It's called Winter's Passage. You can read it for free on the website right here http://enterthefaeryworld.com/ironfey/ Until July 31st.

Be sure to download it and print it out for yourselves so that you can read it anytime. Or just save it somewhere. I do hope it comes out in book form though since I hate reading on the computer. O.O -end update-

Oh and I kind of have a schedule for my blog which goes something like;

Monday: Current Novel Discussion
Tuesday: Novel Spotlight
Wednesday: Guess That Novel
Thursday: Author Spotlight
Friday: Reviews
Saturday: Book-to-movie Discussion
Sunday: Book Haul

Now that's all I could think of now but they are subject to change for sure. I'll be merging some together, adding new ones, and random posts will still be up through-out the day.

I just needed something to work with. I'll begin tomorrow with Current Novel Discussion.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been posting like crazy. I'm still on my slow computer. But when I get my laptop back I'll be like SuperBookMan =D

So question for you. Have any of you read any of the books above? If so tell me what you guys thought with no spoilers. If not, tell me if you guys are interested in them or not.


Ky said...

*raises hand* I've read everything cept My Soul to Take and etc. I really want to read those though. And BTW the Iron Daughter isn't out yet... This is why NetGalley is epic and you need to create an account. Who cares if they're eBooks?! GET OVER IT! I read the entire sookie stackhouse series off my laptop! Ironically enough during my APUSH class. Hehehe.

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Ah when is The Iron Daughter going to be released? I need to add it to the side lmfao. =D

And it's not that they're ebooks its that I can't read online because it kills by eyes. literally I won't be able to focus on anything for a day or two.

But thanks for letting me know about Iron Daughter

Natalie said...

You can get Iron Daughter from NetGally!! I totally agree with Ky get a NetGalley account Michael :)

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