2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Portugal and Brazil tied 0-0! Meaning both Portugal and Brazil made it to the next round. Which means Portugal and Brazil get to party! AND PARTY WE DID!

Here we are thinking Brazilians would talk crap to us. Yet here they are cheering and celebrating with us! Portuguese and Brazilians changing shirts and flags! Partying together side by side, hand in hand, arm in arm.

Mind you, Portuguese and Brazilians down here barely get along. And when you see both of us partying it is the best thing in the world. To hear the Brazilians shouting "PORTUGAL!" and the Portuguese shouting "BRAZIL" was the best moment of everyones lives.

This is what we were all talking about and what everyone said.

Deep down, we are all family. We all speak the same language and basically have the same cultures with different styles. We are all brothers and sisters. We have to be unified to bring the world closer.

And when you get a mile long street, full of Portuguese and Brazilians, celebrating, blocking traffic to the point that the streets are closed down, that is unification. I just want to say I was proud to touch both of our flags at the same time. And I was looking for that one Brazilian flag to rock.

And you know it's amazing when the Brazilians who are so cocky and think they are the best, applaud us and say, "Here's for both of us in the final game. We will see you there."

I applaud both Portuguese and Brazilians for taking their differences aside and coming together as one. This is what the world is about.

On another note, right after partying I had two graduations and just got home since 7. Tomorrow is beach time and Sunday is New York so very little posting. I'll try to put up a review on Sunday when I get back from New York. I know I've been slipping but I've been so busy with events and the World Cup and just other things. But I'll get back up.

On another note, Tuesday, you might not hear me again because Portugal versus Spain and yea! We need to make it to the finale with Brazil.

I'll leave you guys on that note.


Anonymous said...

Aww, again, I missed it! but I'm glad it's a tie! I love both teams so it was hard to choose just one!

Ky said...

You and your soccer *shakes head* I shall never understand. That is very cool though, I have to say. Glad that something so silly can bring everyone together. ^.^

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