2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Michael has read 1 book toward his goal of 50 books.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Upcoming Contest

So I have decided to make my first contest! But it'll only start when I get 40 followers. But let me tell you about it.

All you will have to do is fill out the form that I will provide and bam! I'll be using random.org to pick out the winners.

The contest will start off with two winners. First place will get a hardcover copy and second place will get a paperback* copy.

The prizes: ANY BOOK OF YOUR CHOICE! Providing that it doesn't cost like 35 bucks or over but most books nowadays don't. Yes you heard right. The prize will be a book you choose. You choose the book, I buy it, I send it.

I will be able to buy books not released yet. Only thing is you might have to wait for it to be released but hey, I'd rather wait and get the book free rather than waiting and using money to buy a book that I could use to buy another.

A free book is a free book eh?

*this is subject to change, especially if the book isn't released yet and is only released in hardcover.

Now for every 20 followers I get, I'll add another winner. So at 60 followers I'll add a third winner, 80 followers a fourth, so on and so on. And I advise you all start following now, because old followers get 4 entries. Where new followers get only 2. New and Old being Old if you joined before the contest, New if you joined after.

Now the contest hasn't started yet of course but I'm just letting you all know.

I will post up the rules again and such when I start it. So yea haha, hope I see you guys entering.

OH! And I might also do it international, I'll just have to see the prices for that first. =D

And be sure to look out for today's Guess That Novel!

I'll be putting that up in a few. =D


Ky said...

If you do international just use The Book Depositary. Free shipping. ^.^

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Yea I can do that also. I just have to find out how to use that damn thing =D Someone teach me please!

Natalie said...

This is a very creative giveaway! I don't understand the book depository either? Ugh!

Ky said...

*le sigh* Dear lord Mike it's just like ordering any other book online. All you have to do is make sure that your SHIPPING address is that of the winner and the PAYMENT address is yours. See? Simple.

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