2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guess That Novel (2)

Starting off quick with last week's entry.

"The Herondales were in charge of running the London Institute, and Stephen went to school there. I saw him more after we all graduated, when he moved back to Alicante. And there was a time when I saw him very often indeed." ----'s eyes had gone distant, the same blue-gray as the river. "As he was married."

Now the question was, Who said it and in What Novel?

Most guessed the novel, but not who said it. Good try though. And then someone came and ALMOST got it and I could have sworn it was right. Until I saw that one word was wrong.

ZombiexFood said City of Angels when it's City of Ashes. But she got the Luke part right!

It was said in City of Ashes and Luke was speaking. Unfortunately no one won this round. But I have another one coming up.

Now as much as I dislike this weeks novel, I'm still going to use it because many of you know.

Ready? Here we go!

"Where's your family?"
"My parents took the twins to a birthday part in Port Angeles. I can't believe you're really going to help me with this. Ben's pretending he has tendonitis." She made a face.

Now all you have to guess is the NOVEL! Just leave the answer with a link to your blog.

(Funny fact tendonitis was spelled wrong up there. It's tendinitis. The author is just -shakes my head-)

Have fun guys!


Ky said...

*screams in horror* AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! How dare you use this novel?! Do I really have to say it? Just really?! *cringes* Twilight. There. I said it. *shudders*

And OMG! I know! Know what else she did? In Breaking Dawn when she's describing that stupid island? She says it's off the WEST coast of Brazil. THERE IS NO WEST COAST OF BRAZIL! IT'S LANDLOCKED ON THE WESTERN SIDE! LOOK AT A MAP YOU FREAKIN MORON!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Lmfao you sure it's Twilight? And lmfao! I never noticed that she said that. My brain was becoming numb by the retardedness. But this is coming from the lady who said Brazilians speak Brazilian... IT'S PORTUGUESE!

Ky said...

New Moon? God I don't know! I haven't read those since middle school! Give me a break!

Mg (LWS) said...

It's Eclipse Ky. :P

And I hate the movies... I watched New Moon last night just to complain about it. The whole series is just like over played.

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Why is no one leaving links?! You guys act like I remember your blogs! lmfao i do but still -___- people never defy the jersey men xD idk what i said right there lol

Ky said...

o.O Mike my blog is on your sidebar. I think you can find it. :P And Andrea how do you remember that?! It's no fair asking quotes from book series! I get confused!!! Hahaha. Me and a friend rented New Moon just so we could make fun of Bella's pig squealing screams

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Lmfao I know but still xD

And who said that was right?! =O

SpunkiiReader said...

Angela from Eclipse

Ky said...

HA! I believe Nikki! :P

Kelli (Reviewer) said...

Angela from Breaking Dawn.

Kelli (Reviewer) said...

Ky, I like your pig squealing screams comment. :)

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