2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday's Novel Talk (1)

Sorry for the very late post. It's already Tuesday here but in California it's still Monday so this counts. I was waiting for my laptop but never got it since it got taken away. And then my dad fell asleep and never gave it back so I had to rebel. Anyway, I didn't feel like posting on this slow computer but I have no choice.

This is how it'll work. Every Monday I'm going to talk about the novel I'm currently reading. I'll talk about what I think so far, how far I am and anything else that connects with it.

So for this week I'm currently reading Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. Yes still, I've been busy. I'm on Page 294, Chapter 23, Part 4.

Incarceron is about people that live in this prison called Incarceron that is alive. Literally. It watches you. it knows who you are, what you do, what you say and where you're going. Now this kid Finn is trying to find a way Outside even though no one believes there is an Outside except for a select few. And it isn't until he meets a girl by the name of Claudia who claims she's from outside that the story actually starts. And it's pretty weird how, many people don't believe there's an Outside. Yet, people from Outside think that Incarceron is a paradis. Little do they know that the prison is building people and animals robotically, fusing flesh and mechanics together. Tormenting people, watching them fight for their very lives.

Now some of you are wondering about the part thing. It's like this the book is split up into 5 parts where major events happen in each. For those who don't understand, In The Hunger Games and Catching Fire how it has different parts where it says like The Games or something like that. Or Breaking Dawn where I believe breaks into three different parts. Bella before transformation, Jacob, Bella after transformation. Well Incarceron also has parts.

Now if I had to give a rating I would give a rating to each part and in the end add them together.
For Part 1 I would give an A for Acceptable. Why? I don't know if it's because there was noise around me or if I was reading too fast and didn't catch anything but I was a bit confused in the beginning. I didn't get the difference between Scum and Comitatus and didn't know what was happening. Only further into Part 1 did I start to realize what was what. And it was a bit weird until the very end when things started to get interesting and I got comfortable with the book.

Part 2, I give an E for Exceeds Expectations with the very end getting an O for Outstanding. We're starting to get questions now that we want to be answered and it was around this point that I began talking to myself about the novel. Guessing at some questions and answering them for what I hope is correctly. The very end is something I also caught on towards the middle of Part 2.

Part 3, I'm torn between E and O. So I would give it E/O. Things are picking up, I stayed up until 5 in the morning because I couldn't stop reading. And I only stopped because my father was getting up from work. Or else I would've tried to finish it all. They finally found something or a place (won't really elaborate on it) that they think is the right "path". A lot is going on as the chapters and passages switch between Claudia and Finn. We're finding out secrets that were never intended to be released and I was seriously flipping the pages wanting to see what happens. I got to Part 4 before I had to stop because my father was up and I needed sleep.

Part 4, I read a Chapter this morning. So far I'm giving it an E. The gang meets someone new and things have really picked up. We think that the story is finally heading down from the Climax but I'm seriouly fearing that the Climax is only coming. I'm going to go read Part 4 tonight. See how it all goes. And then there's Part 5 where everything goes down.

I read that the endign of Incarceron is shocking and just a surprise. I'm seriously hoping it's like Catching Fire shocking because that one left my mouth opened for a few minutes. And I know that there's a sequel coming out called Sapphique in December 28th I believe. I'm probably mistaken but it's in December for sure. I just can't wait to see how it all goes down and just close the book and have all these thoughts running in my head.

But for sure, I'll be writing a review and if I had to rate this now I'd give it an E. While it does seem like O material, there are certain things that give it an E such as how the writing is different. In some parts it doesn't explain the action but the outcome. An example is how Keiro covered Attia's mouth with his hand. A bit of dialogue went on and next we know we're reading how Keiro is talking and he's rubbing his bitten hand. It never said that he was bitten just that he was rubbing his bitten hand.

It seems simple here but in the novel it was written weird and it's the little things like that that makes me go back and realize I didn't skip anything it's just like that.

Now before I go, one last thing, if you're into books/movies about prisons and people trying to escape and "perfect worlds" check out the movie The Island with Scarlett Johanson. The whole time I was thinking of Incarceron and it's really something amazing. I didn't see the ending yet but I will soon. So check that out.

If you've read Incarceron or have seen The Island leave a comment below with your thoughts, spoiler-free please and thank you. Not only for me but for other readers as well.

See you all tomorrow, er actually, later today as I give Tuesday's Novel Spotlight. Where I bring up and mention a random novel that I have no read, want to read, seems interesting, or something like that.

But for now, I am tired so I'll be going to bed and reading. Goodnight! =D


Ky said...

You were up till FIVE?! Geeze! Why did you even bother going to sleep? Lol. I almost read an entire book last night in just a few hours. Then I got yelled at to go to bed. I finished it like forty minutes ago. Hehehehe.

Glad you're liking Incarceron! Funny cuz I know EXACTLY where your at. Or pretty darn close. :P

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