2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Twilight: What it should have been

So I was talking to my friend about twilight and stuff and I gave her my version of how it should have been.

Bella would be a newborn. Ravenous, thirsty. Her throat aching and burning for the sweet, bitter blood that makes her smile with relief. She has her power of being immune to any other power. Including the Volturi. In comes James, Laurent and Victoria. They go into Forks and see Bella. Only James is foolish enough to go after her. Why? We'd soon find out. Bella runs away from James in a great chase and finds herself at a glass house full of Vampires. In comes Edward and drives James away. Bella notices their eyes. Different then the blood red. They're gold. She finds out they don't attack humans, yet it's all she thinks about.

Carlisle helps her by bringing human blood from the hospital. For some reason they've kept her. They all know who she is. Vampires want to control Bella Swan, to take down the Volturi and start spreading the vampire population and get rid of humans. Bella quickly see's that this would end horribly. No humans means no blood. A war between their kind would erupt. Plus Bella doesn't want to be controlled.

James kidnaps her mom and she goes to save her but it's a trap. Edward comes in, helps her and kills James.

In New Moon, Bella feels like she's putting the Cullens in danger and knows that they want to be left alone. So she runs away. In comes Jacob, this weird boy who she feels a connection with. Yet she can barely be near him. The smell of dog bothers her. But she fights it, a friendship that'll last. In comes Laurent going after Bella. Jacob and crew help her and kill him. (In this Bella and Jacob do it. While he's human ya nasties. Because in this they're 18.) Edward meets Bella and convinces her to go back. Jacob tells her to go and she does.

Eclipse. Victoria isn't bothering going after Bella just yet. She's creating an army first, take down the Cullens and Wolf Pack, kidnap Bella then go for the Volturi. Victoria with a group of her best vampires go to Forks and cause a battle in the middle of it, Cullens, Bella and Wolf Pack team together to help kill the army. Cullens are hurt, one Wolf down, Jessica, Bella's friend is dead. The others find out who she really is and about the Cullens and Wolf Pack.

Volturi find out about the battle and want to kill the Cullens, Wolf Pack and Victoria. Bella asks her father and friends and their family to leave town.

Breaking Dawn, the volturi are gatherin their best. Attacking every vampire they see. Restarting their population. Cullens are collecting friends and family to create their own army to stop the Volturi and take them down. Victoria is gatherin up another army, quicker and fuller than before. A new wolf is introduced to the Cullens and wolf pack. But only as a wolf. It's another female.

It all comes down to a 3 sided war. Literally. The three meet up in the middle of Forks which has been attacked and destroyed. People dead and gone. The Cullens attempt to talk it out. Violence won't solve anything. Victoria and her army attack. Cullens see this as a chance. The volturi are all killed along with Victoria's army. Bella kills Victoria and burns her. Jacob is in critical condition. The newest female turns back into human and it's Angela. Bella's friend. Rosalie too is in critical condition. They soon heal and all is good.

Cullens and Wolf Pack are together, gathering their respective newborns. Bringing them in and teaching them how to control themselves. They are the new leaders, creating a world between children of the night, children of the moon and children of the earth.

And somewhere along all of that Bella and Edward start to kick it off. =D

So yea I'd rather read that. There's no sparkling in the sun. Bella isn't whiny and has character. Edward is protective like every guy is to a girl nothing crazy. Yea. SMeyer I'll let you use those ideas. =D


Ky said...

LOVE! I would totally read that! It actually makes for a plausible plot! Hurrah! I think you should give SMeyer writing advice because frankly her plotlines suck. Do you notice the re-peat trend with every book? It's happy happy everythings fine, to vampire inspired crisis, to high amounts of tension and love triangles, to Oh everythings fine now and Edward is still a creeper and Bella is still a whiny bitch. Woot! Do I sound hateful? Yes I do. ^.^

Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

Very nice alternate plot Michael. I still like the original, but I'm a love struck sap. I recognize the problems with the Twilight saga, but like the story anyway. They were my entre into the paranormal world so I'll always be grateful for that...but I would definitely read your version!

Leonor said...

You know seems a lot more violent and sexual then the actual story...I LOVE IT :D

Natalie said...

I will read your version too... It is just how my husband would have liked it :) I guess I just like all the sappy stuff but I do agree that BElla was too clumsy!

FionaChan said...

maybe YOU should write it. this is brilliant! I would prefer more romance in there :p not too much like in the twilight saga.
I can see this as a movie already! a very epic movie!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Thanks for the comments guys =D

@Leonor it would've been more violent and sexual. Not like porn rated but around R-rated for teens lol.

@Natalie I was thinking what guys would like to read/watch being one lol.

@FionaChan it would be a very epic movie all dark and stuff. Has to be R-Rated because those are the best type of vampire movies. =D

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